Jack Lewis Media

This is how you become the jeweler of the next generation.

You’re into original content. But any store can post boomerangs to Instagram and throw filters over a gemstone pic. Level-up your expectations and come see what we’re doing…

Fashion shoots on-location around Bloomington-Normal, podcasts, recurring series, contests, music video parodies, comedy sketches, TV shows, repair documentaries, magazines, and whatever else seems awesome. Expect to regularly experience the Jack Lewis brand in engaging, interactive ways with high-quality, jewelry-relevant, original content that will actually make you want to follow our social media feeds.

Headshot of CEO John Carter next to the CarterCast logoHeadshot of manager Missy next to the LegitiMissy logoHeadshot of team member Holly next to the Hollywould logo with a glass of white wineheadshot of shop manager Tami with the Share the Repair logo and the before and after image of a repaired ringyoung man in a blue sport coat and teal tie holding a diamond with a pair of tweezers and looking directly into the camera. Image has the words Solitaire Saturday set on top with a heatmap image of a diamond.Parody of the Hotline Bling video, which is a still image in dark yellow with the words Hotline Blingfest multiple times over the top of it, and an image of a man in the background wearing a puffy orange jacketGroup of men in a car singing carpool karaoke at the top of their lungsLuxurious Red Velvet couch inside the parlor room at Vrooman Mansion set in front of bay windows with a vintage red and blue rug on the floor.bling king at jack lewis

Individual pages coming soon for each program above. Hang tight.