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Engagement Rings at Jack Lewis Jewelers

Your engagement ring is created in one of three ways, and you get to choose.

All-Inclusive: Some styles are the complete package, meaning the diamond is included and everything you see is exactly what you get with no changes or customizations. This can be referred to as ready-to-wear, meaning you can buy it today, propose tonight and they can wear it immediately. These are the engagement rings that start at $499, and we have dozens at the store under $2,000.

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Ring + Diamond: Your engagement ring will be a combination of a center stone plus the uniquely-designed ring you set it into, which means the ring itself is where you can express your personality most. Often called a semi-mount (the ‘empty’ ring without its featured center stone), what your ring looks like is only limited by your imagination. Well, and the laws of physics.

Custom Design: And then there is the custom designed, from the ground up, completely your vision, approach to engagement rings. You work with our team and a designer to select every aspect, creating an engagement ring or wedding rings set as unique as your relationship.

No matter which of these you prefer, you can start browsing online to get ideas, and then make an appointment to come into the store. We will help you find the engagement ring that fits your budget, fits their finger, and reflects their personality and the uniqueness of your relationship.

Because size doesn't matter... love matters.

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Wedding Ring Collections

At Jack Lewis, we have hundreds of different engagement ring options to fit your budget and style, ranging in price from $499 up to whatever you can dream up. We also feature 3 nationally renowned designer ring brands: Fana, Gabriel, and Fire & Ice.

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Explore each collection. Then stop by or make an appointment to take the next step that says, your love means everything.

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The Anatomy of an Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is where your personality and preferences can shine through because there are so many customizable parts within the setting and the shank.

Do you want a solitaire setting (one center stone and no other stones)? Or how about adding side stones in the shoulders? Maybe you’d like to wrap the entire head in a halo filled with diamonds. And then within the shoulders and the gallery, maybe you want ornate filigree for a vintage look. For maximum sparkle, maybe you want accent stones down the shank sides. Or rather than a smooth shank, what about decorating yours with intricate milgrain detail?

The possibilities are endless, making a wedding ring the spot where your style and spirit can shine.

a detailed diagram showing the various pieces that make up an engagement ring

And if you look at it all and just don’t know... don’t sweat it. That’s what our amazing team is for. We can help you think through this, too. Find a day and time that works for you and make an appointment to take the next step.

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Design and Build Your Ring

Designing your engagement ring is your chance to create a symbol that reflects their personality and your love for them.  And even if you don’t design it from scratch, you can make several choices to essentially “build” the unique ring of their dreams. Here are some things to think about that can help you narrow down your choices as you browse online, and prepare you for questions we’ll ask when you visit the store or arrive for your appointment.

Materials, Colors & Durability of Engagement Rings

What material do you want your engagement ring to be made of? What color do you want it to be? How durable do you need it to be? Consider these typical choices:

Sizes, Shapes & Types of Stones for an Engagement Ring

What do you want the prominent center stone to be in your engagement ring? You can pick the type (e.g. diamond or colored gemstone), the size (aka carat not carrot) and the shape (circle, square, you get the idea...)

  1. Type

    When people think of types of center stones, they typically think of diamonds. Some retailers offer lab grown diamonds or moissanites (say that three times fast we dare you), but at Jack Lewis Jewelers we don’t. All of our diamonds are natural and unique just like your relationship. But diamonds aren’t your only choice. Some prefer to have a colored gemstone as their center stone and we’ve got those too. If you go that route, you’ll want to make sure you pick a hard and durable stone that won’t chip or crack. We can help you with that too.

    Go to the Jack Lewis Jewelers YouTube channel to learn all about it. In the meantime, we’ll give you the short answer to our top 3 alternatives to diamonds:

    1. Rubies or Sapphires (they are actually the same type of stone, just different colors! Now you know!)
    2. Spinels (Terrible name, beautiful range of color choices!)
    3. Some Garnets (typically a deep red color, but they also come in variations of orange, yellow and green)
  2. Size

    Sizes are usually measured in carats (sounds like carrots), which is technically a weight. But the heavier a stone is, the larger it typically tends to appear. Depending on the shape you choose, 1 carat can appear larger or smaller, and you can surround a stone with other elements as well which can impact how large you perceive the overall ring to be. So, don’t stress about the size, just know it’s a choice you can adjust to fit your budget and our staff at Jack Lewis Jewelers can help you through that.

  3. Shape

    Let’s recap… You’ve thought about the type of stone (diamond or colored gemstone). You’ve thought about the type of metal you’d like the ring to be made of (yellow, white or rose gold, platinum, or a mix). And you’ve considered what size might fit your budget.

    Now it’s time for the next most important decision of engagement ring decisions… the shape.

    The shape of whatever stone you choose can really reflect someone’s personality. Let us help you narrow it down. There are a few common shapes for center stones. And how you might describe it, might not be the technical jewelry term... so let’s help clear that up, that way no matter who you talk to, you’re all speaking the same language.

    You Say
    Jewelry People Say
    Why You Like This
    Round or Brilliant
    It shines and sparkles the most. The symmetry is usually a perfectionist’s dream. (Check out our exclusive Jack Lewis Flame collection if this is your jam.)
    You’re edgy but you also like symmetry.
    You’re classy and love a little vintage in your life.
    Skinny Diamond
    You love French History.
    You’re practical but don’t want to look like it. (aka a bigger looking diamond at a lower price point.)
    Shiny Rectangle with cropped corners
    Edgy, symmetrical and shiny. You like hybrids because they bring the best of all worlds together.
    It’s okay to be dramatic. You tend to cry happy tears. We do too.
    You’re a hopeless romantic. Don’t apologize for that. We like that.
    Rounded Square
    You love all the colors of the rainbow, but still want a diamond. When light hits it, this style reflects back a lot of colors.
    the Octagon Shaped one that’s hard to describe
    You love hard lines, art deco and optical illusions like those halls of mirrors at the carnival (except much classier.)

Whether you like it to be thick or thin, with stones on the side, or with twists and turns to symbolize the crazy path that brought you two together, we can help you narrow down your choices to make something no one else has. Because there is no other couple, like the two of you.

Love means everything.

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