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Your engagement ring will be a combination of a center stone plus the uniquely-designed ring you set it into, which means the ring itself is where you can express your personality most. Often called a semi-mount (the ‘empty’ ring without its featured center stone), what your ring looks like is only limited by your imagination. Well, and the laws of physics.

Ring Collections at Jack Lewis Jewelers

At Jack Lewis, we feature 3 nationally renowned designer ring brands: Fana, Gabriel, and Coast. Click the buttons below to explore their collections. You can also make an appointment to explore a custom designed ring with our team.

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The Anatomy of a Ring

The ring is where your personality and preferences can breakthrough because there are so many customizable parts within the setting and the shank. Do you want a solitaire setting (one center stone and no other stones)? Or how about adding side stones in the shoulders? Maybe you’d like to wrap the entire head in a halo filled with diamonds. And then within the shoulders and the gallery, maybe you want ornate filigree for a vintage look. For maximum sparkle, maybe you want accent stones down the shank sides. Or rather than a smooth shank, what about decorating yours with intricate milgrain detail? The possibilities are endless, making the ring the spot where your style and spirit can shine.

a detailed diagram showing the various pieces that make up an engagement ring
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