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Illinois State Redbirds Logo in all capital letters with a cartoon image of a red cardinal with a yellow beak who looks ready to fight

ISU Redbird Jewelry

Jack Lewis is your exclusive home for officially licensed, high quality ISU Redbird jewelry.

a cartoon image of a red cardinal with a yellow beak who looks ready to fight next to the phrase Start Shopping

Redbird Favorites

We’re creating new ISU Redbird jewelry designs all the time. Here’s a sample of our current favorites.

Cufflink of Reggie the Redbird on a blue plaid shirtThis one of a kind Reggie Redbird pendant is COVERED in pave set rubies, black diamonds, near colorless diamonds, and yellow diamonds. With 93 rubies,146 black diamonds, 10 near colorless diamonds, and 40 yellow diamonds. This piece is custom created in 14k white gold and hangs from a 14k white gold box chain.Reggie the Redbird pin on a black woman's blazer

Give the Gift of Ambition

They got accepted, and you couldn’t be prouder. While you’re going to need to get the basics like Illinois State University hoodies, t-shirts and those nifty license plate covers, this is also an opportunity to celebrate with something more personal. Something that is a level up, and shows them that though the college journey is just beginning, you are so proud of how hard they worked to get here. And you believe in them. That’s what this means. So, consider a gift they can wear proudly to upcoming internships and interviews, whether that is a set of cufflinks, a lapel pin, earrings or a pendant necklace.

Give the Gift of Accomplishment

They’re graduating! All of the hard work and perseverance led to this moment. Everyone will have a cap and gown, but you will have given them something that reminds them how proud you are. As they sit and nervously wait for their name to be called to walk across the stage, they can hold the pendant between their fingers, remembering the journey and all of your support for them along the way.

Show you are a Redbird for Life

Your reunion is coming up! You'll be in Bloomington-Normal in person to celebrate! And you’re so thankful for all of the opportunities your experience at Illinois State gave you! In addition to your trip to the bookstore, consider something memorable and long lasting that you can wear with pride to the next basketball game, concert, play or Homecoming. No matter how many years have passed, you will always be a Redbird.

Give the Gift of Gratitude

What is amazing about the college experience is that you don’t go it alone. There are people along the way who helped you, guided you, and supported you in ways that you will be forever grateful. Whether it was the coach who taught you just as much off the court as they did on it, or the professor who took the extra time and extra hours to teach you about your field and about life, or the counselor who helped you navigate change in a way you’re glad you didn’t have to do on your own...  

Give the gift of Redbird gratitude that goes beyond a coffee mug. Give them jewelry that reminds them every time they put it on, they make a difference in the lives around them. They made a difference in yours. That’s what this means.

Welcome Message from John Carter

“As a graduate of ISU (Marketing ’99) and a lifelong resident of Bloomington-Normal, I‘ve been an Illinois State fan all my life. In fact, my career is inexorably linked to the university, as I worked at Jack Lewis Jewelers all through my time at ISU. The combination of my love for Illinois State and fine jewelry led me to create this collection. It has been a labor of love, and my honor.

Over the years, I’ve often been approached by clients looking to bring home a small piece of Illinois State in the form of fine jewelry. And it’s been frustrating for me to know that I could only fulfill those requests with inexpensive, lightweight, poorly-made pieces that didn’t reflect the standards of quality they were looking to buy...nor that we were looking to offer.

These frustrations sparked an idea, those ideas sparked conversations, and those conversations resulted in Jack Lewis Jewelers becoming an officially licensed partner of the Illinois State Redbirds!

I’m absolutely thrilled to present you with this collection of handmade ISU jewelry that will last for generations. They are heavy, hand-enameled, and made in America. So please, browse our ISU collection, and choose a few items for yourself & the Redbirds in your life!

As a proud partner of ISU, I thank you, and my team at Jack Lewis thanks you. GO STATE!”

a younger CEO John Carter posing with Reggie the Redbird, the mascot of Illinois State Universitya cartoon image of a red cardinal with a yellow beak who looks ready to fight next to the phrase Start Shopping