Questions About Engagement Rings with CarterCast

October 10, 2022

After a long hiatus, the show returns in a new studio with new lights, new mics, new decor, and a google of new topics. That's because we're doing a classic Search AutoFill episode about Engagement Rings.

When you go to Google and start typing, "Do Engagement Rings...", what AutoFill options does Google start to populate? Those are apparently the questions people are asking, so we picked our favorite 10 and asked Carter for the answers.

It's a fun, rapid-fire episode with lots of great engagement ring tips and tricks, so let's shake off the rust and dive back into the pre-proposal show for dating couples designed to make engagement ring shopping easy, understandable, and fun.

This is the CarterCast, filmed on location at JoshuaOneNine in Downtown Bloomington, IL.

What engagement ring questions do we answer in this episode?

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