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May Birthstone Gift Ideas

Posted On:
May 1, 2024

What is the birthstone for May?

The gorgeously green and much envied Emerald is the birthstone for May. (Not to be confused with an emerald cut diamond!)

What is the meaning of May's birthstone?

Emeralds have been highly valued for centuries for their brilliant green color, thought to represent the lushness and vitality of the natural world during the spring season, which typically starts to take full bloom in the month of May.

The ancient Greeks believed that emeralds were associated with the goddess Venus, who was associated with love and fertility, and they were also used as offerings to the goddess Artemis, who was associated with the moon and the natural world. In traditional Hindu astrology, emeralds were considered to be the gemstone for the planet Mercury, and people born in May were believed to have a strong connection to this planet.

Regardless of what you believe, the gorgeous green color of an emerald may leave others envious of those born in the month of May lucky enough to have the emerald as their birthstone!

Why is an emerald green?

Emeralds are green because of the presence of trace amounts of chromium, vanadium, and sometimes iron in the crystal structure of the mineral beryl, which is the mineral from which emeralds are formed. The intensity of the green color depends on the amount of these elements present in the crystal structure. The presence of iron can also affect the color, producing a bluish-green hue.

The green color in emeralds is also influenced by the presence of inclusions, which are tiny mineral deposits or fractures within the crystal structure. Inclusions can affect the way light is transmitted through the gemstone, causing it to scatter and reflect in different ways and enhancing the visual impact of the green color.

Overall, the unique combination of chemical elements and inclusions in emeralds produces the beautiful green color that makes them so highly valued and sought after in the world of gemstones.

What are some May emerald birthstone gift ideas?

18K Yellow Gold 3 Stone Emerald Ring
14K White Gold Round Created Emerald and Diamond Halo Pendant
14K White Gold Small Emerald and Diamond Halo Studs
Gabriel 14K White Gold Emerald Straight Row Stackable Band
Gorjana Gold Power Birthstone Coin Necklace- May
Kendra Scott Gold Blair Jewel Open Frame Earrings in Emerald Mix

What are some of the most iconic emeralds in history?

Emeralds have been highly valued and sought after for centuries, and there are many iconic pieces of jewelry that feature this beautiful gemstone. Here are some of the most famous and emeralds (and one is still a raw stone!)

The Chalk Emerald

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