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Jack Lewis Logo in all white. The letters J and L leaning up against one another with a round diamond icon in the middle and the words Jack Lewis Jewelers beneath it.
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It’s all been leading up to this. Take a knee and pop the most important question you’ll ever ask…

Proposal Services at Jack Lewis Jewelers

Proposal Services
at Jack Lewis Jewelers

Weddings are great. But the proposal comes first. Beyond the diamond engagement ring, we’re the only jeweler who helps you capture the happiest moment of your lives. Because maximizing your proposal is part of knowing what that ring means. 

If in the moment photos are more your thing, check out Pic Ninja. And if you’re already looking ahead to your engagement photos, we’ve got you covered there too.

Klaus and Kaitlyn  |  Carl’s Ice Cream in Normal, IL
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Where to Propose in Bloomington-Normal

Ring Cam and Pic Ninja are amazing benefits to getting your engagement ring from Jack Lewis, but that assumes you know where you want to propose. Don’t let that overwhelm you, we can help! Maybe you’re new to town, or you’ve never really thought about Bloomington-Normal in terms of where the best spot is to get engaged. No worries, here are some of the top spots our previous customers have visited to capture one of the top memories of their lives.

  1. For the person who is afraid the weather will ruin everything (so let’s be inside)...

    Most people think of places outside to propose, but when you live in a town with history, architecture and artists, you might be surprised what you find inside that can set the perfect background for the moment you get down on one knee and they say yes.

    McLean County Museum of History, aka the Courthouse in downtown Bloomington on the square where they host the Downtown Bloomington Farmers Market. This courthouse isn’t just any small-town courthouse. This museum, rebuilt in 1903 after an unfortunate fire, stands on the former location of the McLean County Courthouse, the same courthouse that Abraham Lincoln had many cases in when he was a traveling attorney early in his life. So, if the one you love is interested in the field of law, or they just love some good Abe Lincoln history, let a vintage courtroom be your setting.

    Normal Theater is an old-fashioned movie theater but it also has a stage. Yes, a stage in front of the screen. In addition to the amazing vintage chairs, ceiling and old fashioned popcorn maker, you can arrange to be on stage before the movie, during intermission (yep they still do that too!) or after the movie is over to invite someone special up to the stage and join you for a moment that celebrates your love of independent or classic movies with your very own audience.

    Vrooman Mansion is likely one of the best kept secrets among locals, but famous for tourists and people passing through on Route 66. Built in 1869, this mansion is a fully functioning and amazing bed and breakfast, with beautifully maintained antique furnishings. We love it so much we’ve even done our own photo shoot there before. Check it out, stay the night and enjoy a spectacular breakfast in the morning. And if the one you love, just LOVES Christmas, Vrooman Mansion decorates EVERY room with its own Christmas tree. You probably don’t want to look any further if it’s the cold Illinois winter and you want the perfect backdrop setting to propose warm and cozy indoors.

  2. For the Titans and the Redbirds…

    Maybe you met on campus and dated on campus, and honestly have so many memories that it makes perfect sense to propose in the places and spaces that brought you together! Whether you’re a grateful Titan from Illinois Wesleyan or proud Redbird from Illinois State, we recommend you walk around the Bloomington Normal campuses and remember the moments from your relationship that could be the perfect setting to propose:

    • Consider the classroom where you first met. Were you in CLA or CNS at Illinois Wesleyan?
    • Did you go to an amazing concert together at Braden Auditorium or go bowling at the Bone Student Center?
    • Did you attend her art exhibition in the Merwin Art Gallery? Or spend evenings with one of you studying while listening to the other practice in Presser?
    • Many nights of practices at Horton or Hancock? An epic game at Redbird Arena? Make the field or the court a place where you pretend to tie your shoe, but do so much more.

    You know that when the leaves change in the fall, or the flowers bud in the spring there is no better place than the Quad at ISU or IWU. So take a trip down memory lane, walk around campus, (check out this ISU Map and this IWU Map) and find the perfect spot to get down on one knee and commit beyond the typical four years. Now it’s for a lifetime.

  3. For the person who loves water (even though we’re land-locked) …

    Sure, we’re in Illinois and far away from any ocean, but you may not realize the lakes and parks that are a short driving distance away. And most of the lakes have hiking trails too, so if you want to pretend you’re just going for a hike, and then surprise someone special at the edge of a lake, we know some spots you should check out.

    • Lake Bloomington in Hudson, IL is just north of Bloomington. It has trails, the Timber Pointe Center, the Davis Lodge and two great places to eat nearby! Green Gables (amazing burgers) and the Lake Road Inn (if you like Fish Fry, yes this!)
    • Comlara Park & Evergreen Lake is also in Hudson just west of I-39 with lots of hiking trails, coves, areas to fish and you can even rent canoes. (Just don’t fall in, unless the rescue is part of the plan!)
    • Moraine View State Park is east of Bloomington off of the Leroy Lexington Blacktop, and has camping, trails, fishing and a beach area. It’s especially beautiful in the fall when the leaves change color, a perfect backdrop for a ninja photographer (hint hint).
    • Miller Park near downtown Bloomington has places to sit on the edge and dangle your feet, or even rent a paddleboat. They are also known for their epic firework show on 4th of July, the zoo, and the Pavilion is a great place to rent for wedding receptions too!
    A screenshot of Google Maps showing the location of Lake Bloomington, Evergreen Lake, Moraine View State Park and Lake Clinton to help engaged couples find potential places to propose.
  4. For the love of Midwest farm life...

    If you love the farm life or just have an appreciation for what it takes to plant and harvest and feed the world… then you’re in the right part of the country. Right on the edges of Bloomington-Normal (if you get away from Veteran’s Parkway) you’ll find fields, trees and more than corn:

    • Funks Grove Maple Syrup is addictive, but there you can stand (or kneel ☺) among the amazing trees that produce all that syrup.
    • Pumpkins, fresh apple cider and pretend to get lost in a corn maze at Rader Family Farms.
    • Grab a tasting glass and a seat on the beautiful wrap around porch with rows of grapevines at Mackinaw Valley Vineyard.
    • And walk among the fields at Epiphany Farms Estate, a heaven for any aspiring chef looking for fresh ingredients they also get to taste (bonus tip: they host wedding receptions at their amazing barn, wink wink)

    When it’s time to propose, get dressed in plaid, consider a farm tour, use it as an excuse to explore someplace new, then get down on one knee and ask.

  5. For the craft beer aficionado…

    You love each other. But you both love beer. Good beer. You’re in luck because the Bloomington Normal craft beer scene has exploded over the last few years. Go on a tasting tour around town, then make your favorite stop your last stop and propose that you order just one more, for the rest of your lives.

    • Sit by the fire at the new Lil’ Beaver Brewing outdoor patio
    • Take a brewery tour and end in the keg/barrel room at Destihl in north Normal
    • Walk down Constitution Trail and make a pitstop at Keg Grove Brewing in Bloomington
    • With a beautiful wood bar and table inside, plus barrel tables on the patio with string lighting, don’t miss an award-winning brewery like White Oak Brewing
  6. For the kid at heart….

    Proposals don’t have to be fancy dinners with low lighting and champagne glasses. They can be fun, playful, and silly, just like the two of you.

    • Race go-karts, let the other person win and pretend to bow down to their racing greatness when you take out the ring and propose at Grady’s Family Fun Park off of Morissey at the south end of Bloomington.
    • Jump up, flip over, fall head over heels… (just don’t lose the ring!) at Altitude Trampoline Park on GE Road.
    • Solving puzzles and problems together, shows you can get through anything. Even a locked room with riddles at Escape Bloomington
    • And whether you’re into bowling or mini-golf, let your fun but competitive side come out at Pheasant Lanes on Hershey Road.

No matter where you decide, let us help you have the perfect engagement ring on hand, and capture the moment on video with Ring Cam or with photos from Pic Ninja.

You’ve got a great story together, and we’re honored to play a part in it.

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