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Anciently Dapper

Historic Cufflinks for Men

Anciently Dapper helps you build an empire of handmade cufflinks using ancient Greek and Roman coins from the early centuries A.D. Fitted with a band of hand-crafted golden armor that meticulously guards the irregular contours of the coin, each piece retains the unique, handstruck outline that time preserved. When completed, the cufflink pair becomes an unparalleled work of wearable history that makes an unrivaled impression.

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Superior Style
Is Now Ancient History

Because The Man Who Has it All...
Deserves Something More.

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anciently dapper cufflinks

A Compelling Blend of Antiquity & Distinction

Anciently Dapper cufflinks broke into exclusive circles during Christmas 2020, when friends and family of the world’s top leaders faced the common gift-giving challenge of what to get successful men who already seem to “have everything.” 

They didn’t have one-of-a-kind cufflinks made of ancient, handstruck Greek and Roman coins, armored in gold.

Now you can. 

A team of antiquaries and jewelers source, authenticate, and hand-craft each pair to suit your individual taste. Anciently Dapper cufflinks are accompanied by a custom Description Plaque detailing the epic journey of your coins, often covering their historic context, likely usage, and approximate A.D. date of hand-striking.

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