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August Birthstone | Peridot Gift Ideas

Posted On:
August 1, 2023

The Paradox of Peridot: The Birthstone for August

Found in the earth's mantle, on meteors, on mars and the moon... this gemstone spans thousands of years. Peridot fascinated ancient Egyptians, is mentioned in the Bible, and found its way into goblets and swords to inspire power and greatness. This olive-green gemstone reflects the lush green of summer, and is the ideal way to help someone celebrate their birthday with a jewelry gift they can wear every day.

Scroll through gift ideas below, shop online, or stop by the store and we can help you design a gift as unique as they are.

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What is Peridot?

Most gemstones form in the Earth’s crust. Only two gemstones form in the Earth’s mantle – the diamond and the peridot. These are gems that crystallise at extremely HIGH temperatures.

Peridot is also a unique gemstone because its color comes from the chemicals it contains. Unlike many other gems, it only appears in one color: a lovely olive-green.

However, the specific shade of green can change depending on how much iron is in the crystal structure. This means individual peridot gems might have varying shades of green that span from a more yellow to a more brownish-green.

$249 Available in Oval, Round or Emerald Cut set in 14K gold

What is the meaning of August's birthstone?

Peridot, prized since ancient times for its alleged protective powers against fears and nightmares, is believed by some to possess an "inner radiance" that sharpens the mind, enhances awareness, and can help someone better understand their destiny or purpose.

$499 Pear Shaped 1 Carat Peridot Pendant with Diamonds and 14K Gold

What are some August Peridot birthstone gift ideas?

$650 LAGOS Peridot Pendant with 18K Gold & Sterling Silver

$649 2 Carat Cushion with Side Diamonds
$249 Bezel Set Peridot in an Emerald Cut
$950 LAGOS Trio of Stacking Rings featuring Peridot and 18K Gold

$249 Peridot & Diamond Halo Studs

$600 LAGOS Caviar Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Cushion Studs
olive green peridot charms in yellow gold and white gold

What role has Peridot played in history?

As one of the oldest gemstones known to humans, its history spans over 4,000 years. It's even mentioned in the Bible, though under the name "Chrysolite," derived from the Greek word "chrysolithos," meaning "golden stone" due to its flashes of golden brilliance.

And some of the most famous peridots are those that adorn The Shrine of the Three Kings. The three kings are mentioned in the Bible as those who brought gifts to Jesus as a child. The Shrine of the Three Kings is located in the Cathedral of Saint Peter in Cologne, Germany. The shrine is adorned with gold and 1000 gemstones. It is believed to contain the bones of the three kings. The gemstones on the shrine were initially believed to be emeralds, but it was later understood that they were actually peridots. Some of the peridots on the shrine weigh 200 carats!

The Ancient Egyptians were among the first to mine Peridot on an island in the Red Sea, which is now called St. John's Island (locally known as Zabargad Island). They carved these gems into talismans and beads. Interestingly, the island was historically known as Topazios Island, named after the Ancient Greek word for the gem, though (fun fact) it has no relation to what we call or think of as Topaz today.

Peridot's fascinating story doesn't end there! It has also been discovered in meteorites and has been found on Mars and the Moon.

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Carter makes remarks during the Groundbreaking Ceremony.
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