Galentine's Weekend from Feb 10 - 14, 2023

February 10, 2023

Text your besties, and come get permanent bracelets together on Galentine's Weekend.

From family to friends to spouses, Valentine's Day can be about celebrating any relationship built on love....and February10-14, Jack Lewis is expanding the holiday to everyone with 20% off Connected permanent jewelry!

So whether you've got Galentines, Palentines, or classic Valentines, save 20% and come get Connected.

Appointments are required, so learn more, see the chain styles, and book your spots now!

How to Get Started

  1. View the Chain Styles online in advance
  2. Book Your Appointment
  3. Arrive Together and Leave Connected

Each person in your group should book their own appointment

We can do 3 bracelets per 30 minutes, meaning there's a max of 3 spots per half-hour time slot. (So each person in your group should book their own appointment inside of the same time slot.)If your party is larger than 3 total people (for instance, say there's a group of 5 friends who want to come do this together), then that party should book all 3 slots of an available time slot until its full, and then start booking the next time slot so all your appointments will be back-to-back!

Basically, if you've got multiple people in your group, just keep booking the same time slot until you can't book it anymore (because it'll disappear once its full), and then start booking the next available time slots.

Book Your Appointment

Connected permanent jewelry is a meaningful gift whether it's a solo self-purchase or whether it's done together with your favorite people! And since Valentine's Day is about celebrating whoever you love, it's a great opportunity for sisters, best friends, mothers & daughters, or any other combination of loved ones to come get Connected! And save 20% off from Feb 10-14!

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