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Share the Repair | Wedding Ring Emergency

August 3, 2023

Imagine your engagement ring gets smashed two days before your wedding...

Justin's fiancée, Courtney, was two days out from their wedding when she got her ring caught in a door! Oh no... The ring got 𝗮𝗹𝗹 bent out of round, and it even popped four stones out of the sides. This is the last thing you expect to deal with two days before you get married! She managed to find 3 of the 4 missing stones, and she came to us hoping we could help.

You bet! It’s go-time! We aren’t always able to turn around every project this quickly, but when your literal wedding is in two days and you have a jewelry emergency, you’d better believe we’ll move heaven and earth to get it done! We assured Courtney we’d fix it before the big day and make it look beautiful again. We went to work immediately, rounded out the ring, and fixed a couple of cracks where the ring was bent the most. Then we put the stones back and provided one more new one. Last step was a bright polish with rhodium plating…and the ring looked brand new again! We got it done in a matter of hours for Courtney, so it would be one less thing to worry about as her and Justin got closer to tying the knot.

Whether it’s two days before your wedding or two thousand days after it, we know what these pieces of jewelry mean to you! And when it’s urgent to you, it’s urgent to us.

Before & After Jewelry Repair

Share the Repair shows you the transformations, the results, helps you understand what to expect, and gives you confidence to bring your jewelry repair to Jack Lewis Jewelers. We know what it means to you... don't give up on it just yet. View the before and after from multiple angles. See what's possible and contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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What is Share the Repair?

Share the Repair is our popular (and often copied) social media series that lets you peek behind the glass and see the magic of the Repair Shop at Jack Lewis Jewelers.

Featuring before-and-after photos and occasional behind-the-scenes documentary videos, join service manager Tami Bonos and goldsmith Moriki Tomihara as local Bloomington-Normal jewelry repair stories are told from to start to finish, from hopeless to victorious, from hesitation to hallelujah.

Learn more about our jewelry repair services at Jack Lewis Jewelers in Bloomington, Illinois and make your appointment today.

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