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October Birthstone | Opal Gift Ideas

Posted On:
October 1, 2023

The Aura of Opals: The Birthstone for October

Opals are one of the most captivating and enchanting gemstones in the world. With their shimmering iridescence and mesmerizing play of color, opals have captivated entire cultures. And the intriguing lore surrounding them make opals a compelling choice for jewelry enthusiasts and a perfect gift, especially for those born in October.

Scroll through gift ideas below, shop online, or stop by our store in Bloomington, Illinois and we can help you design a gift as unique as they are.

What is the meaning of October's birthstone?

For centuries, opals have been steeped in mysticism and legend. The ancient Romans believed opals were a symbol of hope and purity, while the Greeks associated them with foresight and prophecy. In Aboriginal Australian culture, opals were believed to be the footprints of the creator as he walked across the Earth. This rich lore lends opals an aura of mystery and magic that still enchants us today.

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What are some October Opal birthstone gift ideas?

Opal Pendants: Enhance her elegance with a pendant David Kord that feature opals. The multitude of colors displayed in an opal, mean these necklaces can go with multiple outfits in her wardrobe.

David Kord Opal Pendant (view our selection in-store)

Opal Rings: There are rings, and then there are showstoppers. Opals might just be the grown up version of mood rings. Though they don't change color based on your body temperature, the range of colors each unique opal can display makes them mesmerizing. We have a variety of sizes and shapes in store to help her feel as special as you know she is.

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Opal Earrings: If she loves the ocean, or the starry skies at night, a pair of opals might be the ideal gift. Whether they dangle or are a pair of eye catching studs, opals surrounded in diamonds add to their natural sparkle.

David Kord Opal Hoop Earrings
David Kord Pear Shaped Opal and Diamond Huggie Drop Earrings

Custom Jewelry Designs: At Jack Lewis Jewelers, we can turn your ideal opal into a unique piece of jewelry, custom to you. Whether you have a detailed vision or prefer a professional to do all of the design for you, we're happy to create the most memorable sapphire jewelry you've ever owned. Stop by or set up an appointment today.

Non-Opal Options: Nothing quite matches the beauty of an Opal, but for some the pricepoint is out of reach. There are some non-opal alternatives on the market that can give a bit of a resemblance.

Kendra Scott
Kendra Scott

What is Opal? What makes it iridescent?

One of the most remarkable features of opals is their dazzling variety of colors and shades. Unlike most gemstones that have a single dominant hue, opals are renowned for their play-of-color, a mesmerizing display of shifting colors that seem to dance across the surface.

Their wide range of colors and shades occurs because of the way they are formed. Opals are created when silica-rich water seeps into cracks and crevices in rocks. As the water evaporates, the silica deposits harden to form opal.

The color of an opal depends on the impurities that are present in the silica deposit. For example, iron impurities can give opals a red or orange color, while nickel impurities can give opals a green color.

Opals are as diverse as the regions they come from. Australia, specifically the Coober Pedy and Lightning Ridge mines, produces some of the world's most famous opals, renowned for their vibrant play-of-color. Ethiopia, another significant source, is celebrated for its striking black opals. Mexico and Brazil also contribute their own unique opal varieties. Each origin imparts distinct characteristics to the gem, making opals a captivating collector's item.

Are opals expensive?

The allure of opals comes at a price. These gems are among the more expensive stones, primarily due to their rarity and the intricate process of mining and cutting to maximize their play-of-color. Additionally, the fragile and delicate nature of opals requires skilled craftsmanship to transform them into exquisite jewelry.

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