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Connected Black Friday Weekend

November 15, 2023

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday at Jack Lewis, it's a special 2-day event on Connected permanent jewelry with discounts up to 30% off! But you must have an appointment! Book now, or keep reading for the details!

Black Friday Weekend Event Details

Connected permanent jewelry is a meaningful gift whether it's a solo self-purchase or whether it's done together with your favorite people! And since you're more likely to be together over the long Thanksgiving weekend, it's a great opportunity for sisters, best friends, mothers & daughters, or any other combination of loved ones to come get Connected! So on Black Friday (11/24, 10a-6p) and Small Business Saturday (11/25, 10a-5p) only, we're offering special discounts based on the total number of bracelets purchased by your party!

The easy rule of thumb is: as long as 3 bracelets are purchased per party, each person in that party gets 30% off!  Here's how it works:

10% OFF!

20% OFF!

30% OFF!

Pretty much any other combination qualifies for 30% off! Here are some examples:

Again, as long as 3 bracelets are purchased per party, each person in that party gets 30% off! It pays to bring a group of people with you and get Connected together! ...but see below for important info about appointment sizes!

Party Sizes and Appointment Bookings

Given that Connected permanent jewelry is micro-welded directly to your wrist (or ankle), the process of applying each bracelet takes a little bit of time. We can accommodate 3 bracelet applications per 30 minutes, meaning there's a max of 3 people per appointment slot. So, for example, if 1 person books an appointment and plans to bring people with them, they can bring up to 2 other people with them per 30-minute appointment. If that 1 person's party is larger than 3 total people (them plus their 2 guests), for instance, say there's a group of 5 friends who want to come do this together, then that party should book 2 appointments back-to-back, so that 3 can slide into the first appointment, and the remaining 2 can slide into the second appointment. You can all still arrive and hangout together starting at the first appointment time, of course! But reserving the second appointment block for your party in advance helps us plan, prevents someone else from having to wait, and gives your group a full hour together!  

Just let us know that you're all in the same party, and you'll each get 30% off your bracelet! (Even if each of you only gets 1 bracelet, you'll each still qualify for the 30% off because there's 5 total bracelets in your party!)

On Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, it pays to bring more people and get Connected together. Reach the 3 bracelet threshold, and you'll each get 30% off!

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