Gifts for Women

You already know that the women in your life are strong, beautiful, and confident. But sometimes, in the midst of a bad day or a stressful stretch, those truths can get overshadowed. Jewelry has the unique power to remind her. Packed with personal significance (because of who gave it to her) and filled with symbolic meaning (because of why and when she received it), one look at the piece of jewelry you give has the power to instantly remind her how important and irreplaceable she is. Or if you’re treating yourself, how important and irreplaceable you are.

Let’s start exploring. Because the perfect gift for the woman you love is at Jack Lewis Jewelers.

For big looks that don’t break the bank, and versatile jewelry that can be worn everyday, start with Kendra Scott, Monica Rich Kosann, and Secrid.

For head-turning looks at a special event (like a fundraiser or a wedding) or if you want to give an uncommonly fantastic gift for a big celebration (like a baby shower, big birthday, or promotion), start with Lagos, Gurhan, SOHO, Roberto Coin, and Seiko.

And if the moment calls for a truly unforgettable gift for yourself or someone extra-special, start with Rolex, Diamonds, Gemstones, and Fire & Ice.

Or if you just want to see everything at once, Browse All Styles and jump right into our online store.

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Gift Ideas for Women

Though there are a lot of jewelry choices out there, the team at Jack Lewis Jewelers we can help you sift through it all based on her personality and the reason you want to shower her with appreciation and encouragement.

  1. Wife

    Gifts for Your Wife or Significant Other

    She’s more than significant. She’s more than a partner. She’s more than a wife. To you, she’s everything. Whether it’s her birthday, you’re celebrating an anniversary, or you’re eagerly anticipating a new child for your growing family… you can remind her how much she matters to you through some of the ideas we have below:

    • Did you know that diamond stud earrings can get bigger and better every year? Bring in an existing pair you bought from us, and trade it in to surprise her with an upgrade! You only pay the difference between the cost of the original pair and the new pair you select. (If you don’t own a pair yet, perhaps this is the year and the gift to get her started!)
    • If your family is growing, help her celebrate with a Monica Rich Kosann locket or with a colored gemstone that represents your new child’s birthstone in the type of jewelry she likes to wear most.
    • Consider a necklace, bracelet, earrings or a complete set from the newest Kendra Scott collection (just because she was on your mind, and honestly, she always is).
    • A diamond anniversary band might be the perfect gift to tell her that you’d say yes all over again. As a way to renew your vows, you can select a band that complements her original engagement ring. Bring in a photo and we’ll help you select the perfect ring to complement it.
  2. Mom or Grandma

    Gifts for Your Mother or Grandmother

    While the world is filled with many moms, none of them are like yours. And no one has the kind of relationship that you have with your Grandma (no matter what name you actually call her). Between your unique relationship, and her unique personality, the team at Jack Lewis can help you find the right gift to communicate what she means to you, in a way that she'll proudly wear for years to come. A few things you can look into and consider before you come in and tell us all about how this amazing woman shaped your life.

    1. She is classy and classic. The matriarch of the family. Definitely look into the collections from Roberto Coin, where each piece has a hidden ruby.
    2. She approaches everything from a different angle, with a fresh perspective, making everything seem new. She’ll appreciate the handcrafted pieces from Gurhan which take a piece of antiquity and wrap it in a modern style and design.
    3. She has the biggest heart and holds her family close. And with Monica Rich Kosann, lockets are not like they used to be. Now you can get them in a variety of styles and colors that look like a pendant, but open up to reveal who she loves and wants to keep close to her heart.
  3. Best Friend

    Gifts for Your Best Friend

    When you were younger there were friendship bracelets and friendship necklaces that you loved even though it turned your skin green! But now that you’re adults, you want to show her how much your friendship means in a way that goes a little deeper.

    Consider one of these ideas from our customers:

    1. Buy a pair of solitaire diamond earrings. One earring for you and one earring for her, perfect for cartilage piercings like a helix, low helix, tragus, anti-tragus or upper lobe. If you’ve never heard of Spark... this might be what you’re looking for.
    2. Not all rings are for engagements. Select something for each of you that says ride or die BFF (without actually saying it). Look into the affordable styles from Kendra Scott or our own private collection of colored gemstones. Get the same ring, but each with a different stone in your favorite colors or your birthstones!
    3. Consider matching handmade SOHO bangle bracelets. For the girl who loves an arm party, your bracelet can always be a part of the stack.
  4. Mentor

    Gifts for a Mentor

    A mentor can come from any part of life: a colleague, boss, pastor, professor, neighbor or a fellow volunteer.

    1. Regardless of how you met, their words made all the difference in your life. Consider a one-of-a-kind pen, made of unique materials from William Henry, so every word she writes is a reminder of the impact her words had on you.
    2. Maybe their hands helped lift you up, or lift you out. Give her hand a ring or bracelet that reminds her… her gifts and sacrifices mattered. To you and everyone she meets.
  5. Bride

    Gifts for the Bride

    For one day she is going to wear the most amazing dress, and the jewelry she has at home may not do this look justice! Based on the style of her dress we can help select the most stunning earrings, necklace and bracelet to complement her look (but not steal the show).

    If she’s got a De Beers Forevermark diamond engagement ring, you can complement it with matching earrings, or a necklace depending on the neckline of her dress. Or if the only diamond she wants to sparkle on her wedding day is in her engagement ring, then take a look at our other brands that span a variety of styles, colors and price points. With so many brands and styles to choose from, you could get her a set of jewelry that not only completes her wedding day attire, but she can wear again and again. A great place to start would be some of the timeless pieces from Lagos, which look great with styles from their previous collections due to signature elements!

  6. Bridal Party

    Gifts for the Bridal Party

    If you want your bridal party to match without being matchy match (ladies, you know what we mean) then our large collection of Kendra Scott is where you need to be. Everyone will look put together and a part of the same squad, but distinct just like each of their personalities. With earrings of various sizes, and necklaces of varying lengths, you can choose the metal and colors that goes with your wedding theme, and let her choose the rest.

  7. Graduation

    Graduation Gifts for Her

    If she’s graduating from Illinois State University with her undergraduate degree, graduate degree or doctorate then check out our exclusive line of ISU Redbird Jewelry. This isn’t the typical bookstore selection. If you’ve never seen Reggie with diamonds, you’re missing out.

    And no matter where she graduates from, you can class it up and help her celebrate with distinctive accessories that communicate how proud you are of her commitment and achievement. Consider a timeless necklace and earrings set from Lagos, or a luxury watch or timepiece to remind her that the time to further her education was well spent.

  8. Job or Career

    Gifts for a First Job or New Career

    Walking through the door on the first day of your first job can be intimidating and exhilarating. Changing careers takes courage. You have the opportunity to give a gift that boosts her confidence and lets her know she’s earned it and she’s exactly where she’s supposed to be.

    1. Her time is valuable. Make sure she knows that with the gift of a luxury watch, designed to match her personal style and tastes.
    2. Look into the unique styles of William Henry pens, so every document she signs from this point forward reminds her of the decision that was perfect for the next step in her unique path.
    3. As she walks forward in her new future, give her a reimagined gift from the past with an antique necklace or bracelet from Gurhan that is hand crafted and reset in modern style.
    4. Give the gift of one of the most unique wallets from Secrid. Not only does the NFID protection give her piece of mind, but the variety of colors and textures fit her personality so every time she takes the team out to lunch, she can smile knowing you supported her all the way.

Need more ideas? Want to see and feel what we’re talking about first hand? Stop by the store or make an appointment today and we can help you communicate how much she means to you, through a unique gift from Jack Lewis Jewelers.

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