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Jack Lewis Flame

Your love burns brightest. Your diamond will too.
Your love burns brightest.
Your diamond will too.

What is Flame?

Jack Lewis Flame is an exclusive collection of natural, ideal cut, loose round diamonds hand-selected by our very own John Carter and Scott Davis. To qualify as a Flame, a round diamond must receive a cut grade of Zero from the American Gem Society Laboratories. The AGS cut grading scale goes from 0-10 (with zero being the best), meaning Jack Lewis Flames are, without exaggeration, the best cut diamonds on earth.

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Why Cut Matters

The diamond industry has long known that, of the traditional 4C’s, the Cut grade is the most important factor in describing a diamond’s beauty. Color and Clarity are valuable considerations, but unless those are absolutely terrible (and they usually aren’t), nobody out in the real world (not even your jeweler) will notice if those two C’s aren’t optimal. What you, your friends, your family, and everyone else will notice about a diamond (other than its raw size, of course), is how much it sparkles...the mesmerizingly dazzling laser light show that hypnotizes you from across the room. And that is all in the Cut, the undisputed champ of the 4C’s. Learn more in our CarterCast episode below:

Verifying the best cut is where the American Gem Society (AGS) comes in. Crucially, the AGS system stands alone for being based solely on science. When you compare that to other popular grading systems that offer smaller scales while also allowing for subjectivity, you’ll see why consistently delivering diamonds cut the best meant building Jack Lewis Flame on AGS. 

The result: each and every diamond in the Flame collection has received an AGS cut grade of Zero. At any given time, the 20-25 diamonds in the Hot Box (that’s what we call the Flame display case) will be uniquely diverse in color, clarity, carat weight, and cost, but the perfect zero cut grade is what they will always all have in common. That’s what it means to be a Jack Lewis Flame: these are the best cut diamonds on earth, all certain to deliver the head-turning, jaw-dropping fireworks sparkle show everyone craves in a natural round loose diamond.

The sparkly light performance in an ideal cut round diamond is unbeatable. Since that’s the priority, all Flames are round. And all Flames have received an AGS cut grade of Zero, the best possible grade delivering the best possible fireworks laser light show. A round shape & an AGS-Zero cut grade are the unchangeable constants of every Flame. No exceptions.

The Flame collection contains a diverse selection of carat weights ranging from around 0.30 all the way up to 2 carats (or larger). Whatever size you’re after, it’s here. There’s also a diverse selection of clarity (from IF to I1) and color grades (from D-K), and the cost will vary based on which combination of Carat, Color, and Clarity you pair with your Ideal Cut round.

why Flame?

A diamond ring is more than just a sparkly rock and a shiny metal. It’s a symbol that tells the story of two people who fell in love. Here’s how Flame tells your story:

Your relationship is real. It’s not fake. It’s not manufactured. And it certainly wasn’t grown in a lab. The victories, the struggles, the dancing, the stumbling, the awkwardness, the triumphs...all of it. Through it all, rise or fall, you’re 100% natural. In Jack Lewis Flame, the diamond you wear forever will be too.

Your connection is complex yet constant. One of you likes sports while the other couldn’t care less. One of you likes sushi while the other thinks it’s gross. One of you likes jazz while the other is totally confused. You’ve got some diversity here and there, but dwarfing those minor differences is one major common link: when the two of you walk in together, the room lights up like fireworks. Your romance radiates, and people notice. In Jack Lewis Flame, you’ll find a diversity of color grades, clarity grades, and carat weights, but the impeccable AGS-Zero Cut grade is what connects them all. And like you two, it sets the room ablaze.

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Like your relationship, Jack Lewis Flames are natural and light up the room, but here’s the clincher: since we find these ourselves, a Flame is much more affordable than other ‘name brand’ ideal cut diamonds you might see elsewhere, and we throw in loads of fun freebies. Here’s how Flame makes sense:

John Carter and Scott Davis have been looking at diamonds for decades. They’re both really good at what they do. And these nationally-recognized, gem-spotting superstars just happen to be rooted in a local jewelry store in Bloomington, Illinois. So because we have the connections & resources to identify these diamonds ourselves, as well as the experience & talent to hand-pick only the best of the best, we don’t need to trust expensive middle men to bring in the bling. Doing it all ourselves is work that we love, and most importantly, it means you avoid paying the ‘name brand premium’ that often accompanies ideal cut round diamonds at other stores or online. Come compare Flame prices with whatever you’ve seen elsewhere.

There’s no doubt in our mind that you’ll find Flame competitively priced, but if you need the icing on the cake, Flame comes with other perks too, all of which are free.

  1. Proof - You’ll have online access to your grading report, so you can see for yourself (or whoever doubts you) that you’re wearing an AGS-Zero diamond.

  2. Diamond 360 Video – during their grading process, the AGS produces a full 360 degree video of your diamond. It’s probably not something you’ll look at every day, but it’s pretty cool.

  3. Light performance report – so you can see the metrics & math behind how much better the light sparkles through your expertly cut diamond.

  4. Plot of diamond inclusions – this is where the Clarity grade comes in. Except for those exceptionally rare diamonds that receive ‘Internally Flawless’ clarity grades, all diamonds will have ‘inclusions,’ which are tiny little imperfections created by the extreme pressure and heat that diamonds experience when they form. Think of them like birthmarks, or fingerprints. They’re part of what makes your diamond unique and real. This report will show you where they are.

  5. Laser inscription including the Jack Lewis Flame logo – kinda like graffiti tagging. It’s microscopic and doesn’t impact the diamond’s beauty in any way, but it’s our way of standing behind it, and separating our diamonds from the imposters.

  6. Natural diamond verification certificate – it’s increasingly important to know where your diamond came from: both in how it was formed and how it was found. As a Jack Lewis policy, absolutely all our diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict free, Flames included. But beyond that, we’ll provide you with documentation verifying that your Flame is, in fact, natural (and not made in a lab).

Stare Into The Flame

A Flame’s cut is what delivers maximum sparkle. Below, these real Flame photos and colorful ‘heat maps’ highlight the incredible symmetry of these diamonds. Tap to flip them.

They look even hotter in person. Come stare into the Flame.

They look even hotter in person.
Come stare into the Flame.

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