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June Birthstone Gift Ideas

June 1, 2023

Celebrate June Birthdays with Alexandrite and Pearls: Unique Gems for Lasting Love

Birthdays are special occasions that mark the anniversary of our arrival into this world. They are moments to cherish, appreciate, and show our love for the people who bring joy to our lives. What better way to celebrate their existence than with a unique piece of jewelry that can last a lifetime? Let's delve into the birthstones for June, Alexandrite and Pearls, and explore their fascinating qualities that make them truly special.

What is the birthstone for June?

June babies are fortunate to have two birthstones, each with its own distinctive allure. Alexandrite, a relatively rare gemstone, is known for its remarkable color-changing properties. It captivates with its ability to display a range of colors, transitioning from a vibrant green in daylight to a mesmerizing reddish-purple under incandescent light. This enchanting play of colors symbolizes balance and harmony, making Alexandrite an ideal choice for those who strive for equilibrium in their lives.

Pearls, on the other hand, are organic gemstones formed within oysters and other mollusks. They have been treasured throughout history for their elegance and timeless beauty. Pearls are renowned for their lustrous, iridescent glow and come in a variety of colors, including classic white, pink, black, and even rare golden hues. They symbolize purity, wisdom, and serenity, making them a meaningful gift for loved ones who appreciate grace and sophistication.

What are ideal birthstone jewelry gifts that feature Alexandrite or Pearls?

Now that we've traveled through time and uncovered the unique tales of Alexandrite and Pearls, it's time to consider the perfect jewelry pieces to celebrate loved ones born in June.  

For Alexandrite, its color-changing nature symbolizes the dynamic qualities of relationships and serves as a constant reminder of love's ability to adapt and grow.

View our current inventory of alexandrite jewelry online.

14K White Gold Created Alexandrite and Diamond Halo Studs $399
Gabriel 14K White Gold Alexandrite Straight Row Stackable Band $525

For Pearls, the gentle sheen and versatile color options make Pearls a versatile choice that complements any style and occasion. Whether you want something more traditional like a string of pearls, or a more modern take where one pearl is the accent, we have stylish options for every budget and preference. From unique pendants to hoop earrings with a pearl accent, every generation can exude elegance and grace.

View our current inventory of pearl jewelry online.

Gorjana Gold Reese Pearl Huggies $50
Lagos Sterling Silver Luna Pearl 3 Station Link Bracelet $375
Lagos Luna Circle Pearl Statement Necklace $750
Kendra Scott Lindsay Huggie Earrings in Gold Metal with Pearl $60

What are the most noteworthy jewelry in antiquity featuring Alexandrite or Pearls?

In the realm of Alexandrite, three versions stand out for their unique qualities.

 When it comes to Pearls, history tells tales of their opulence and allure. Such extraordinary Pearls remind us of the timeless beauty and value these gems possess.

Buy June Birthstone Jewelry from Jack Lewis Jewelers

We have an extensive selection of pearl and pearl inspired jewelry that you can view online to see what you prefer. Then some to the store in person and we’ll help you finalize your purchase and wrap it up as the perfect birthday gift.

 Explore the enchanting world of Alexandrite and Pearls, discover their hidden treasures, and surprise someone special with a birthstone gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

 Head to Jack Lewis Jewelers in Bloomington, Illinois and let us help you find the symbol to give them, that shows love means everything.

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