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Gifts for Men

Seems like the hardest thing to do is buy gifts for men. Especially when it comes to jewelry. But don’t worry. Our collection features “can’t miss” bracelet, knife, and luxury watch choices for the important men in your life. And since Jack Lewis is an Official Rolex Jeweler, our men’s collection is honored to be headlined by Rolex.

Start exploring the collections below, or if you just want to see everything at once, Browse All Styles and jump right into our online store.

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Jack Lewis Jewelers brown gift box with a blue ribbon

Gift Ideas for Men

He’s unique, he’s one-of-a-kind... and he matters to you. But you still need some ideas.

A milestone birthday or anniversary calls for more than a new set of golf balls. And let’s be honest, the rest of the internet is filled with clichés, stereotypes and mostly drinkware. Let us help you find a gift for him that matches his personality and the way you value his role in your life.

Whether he is your boyfriend, fiancé or husband… we can make Valentine’s day a little easier. And what about your son, your brother, your Dad, or the patriarch Grandpa of your family? Christmas and holiday gift giving shouldn’t have to be so hard. Maybe he is the mentor you could not have gotten through life without, and now is the right moment to give thanks.

No matter who he is to you, we have something he will appreciate for years to come. Take a look at our gift ideas for him from amazing brands who specialize in the best men’s accessories that exude professionalism, respect and the uniqueness of his character.


Gifts for a Son

When your son was small, he outgrew every pair of shoes. Give him something he won’t outgrow.

  • Consider a one-of-a-kind pen from William Henry, so every word he writes is a reminder of the lessons you taught him to choose his words wisely.
  • Managing money was something you taught him from the first dollar he earned doing chores, having that lemonade stand or mowing the neighbor’s lawn. Reinforce that with a Secrid wallet that comes in a variety of styles to match his personality.
  • You always said it was a sign of respect to be on time. But in order to be on time, you have to be early (for a date or an interview)! Keep that wisdom going with the gift of a luxury watch. We have several models in store including some limited editions, and we can also order what you feel perfectly reflects his tastes.


Gifts for Brother, Dad, Grandpa and Great Grandpa

Whether he’s a man that carries around a pocket knife, or is the culinary artist in the kitchen, you should check out the distinctive, hardwood and exotic materials that are used by William Henry to create a gift you know he’s never received before or will again. These designs carry over into money clips, pens, cuff links and golf accessories too… meaning when he opens this gift from you it won’t be cheesy.

It will be clear he means the world to you, and you found something unique in the world for him.


Gifts for His Graduation

If he’s graduating from Illinois State University with his undergraduate degree, graduate degree or doctorate then check out our exclusive line of officially licensed ISU Redbird Jewelry. This isn’t the typical bookstore selection.

And no matter where he graduates from, you can class it up and help him celebrate with distinctive accessories like cuff links, a classic timepiece, bracelet, wallet or money clip that communicate how proud you are of his commitment and achievement.

Job or Career

Gifts for His First Job or His New Career

Walking through the door on the first day of your first job can be intimidating and exhilarating. Changing careers takes courage. You have the opportunity to give a gift that boosts his confidence and lets him know he’s earned it and he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be. Consider one of these gifts regardless of your relationship:

  • a money clip or unique pen from William Henry, made of materials you won’t find anywhere else
  • an NFID protected wallet from Secrid (that wows everyone every time you take it out to pay)
  • a luxury watch, in a variety of styles (even some limited editions)
  • cuff links from William Henry that show he’s no pushover


Gifts for Groomsmen

Custom glassware is too typical, and you know these guys. They are not typical. They are the epitome of gentlemen (most of the time). And they deserve something that reflects how honored you are to have them in your corner and by your side on your wedding day. They don't need to match like the bridesmaids, but purposeful coordination can look pretty stylish. Consider items for the big day or just to say thanks:

  • Secrid wallets that come in multiple colors and styles, with the slick feature that ejects your cards.
  • Wrist cuffs or bracelets in dark metals and leather from William Henry
  • If you were all brothers at a fraternity at ISU, consider the gift of ISU Redbird cufflinks.


Gifts for a Mentor, Boss or Pastor

Their words made all the different in your life. Consider a one-of-a-kind pen, made of exotic materials and hardwoods from William Henry, so every word he writes is a reminder of the impact his words had on you.

Need more ideas? Want to see and feel what we’re talking about first hand? Browse online then stop by the store or make an appointment and we can help you communicate how much he means to you, through a remarkable gift from Jack Lewis Jewelers.

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