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Jewelry Repair

We know what that piece of jewelry means to you.
Don’t give up on it just yet.

Aside from connecting couples with new diamond engagement rings for an upcoming proposal, restoring pieces of jewelry in our repair shop is probably the most important and meaningful work we do here at Jack Lewis. There’s nothing quite like receiving a broken ring from a hesitant client, bringing it back to life, and then seeing the pure joy on their face when they’re reunited with it.  

Got a piece of broken, busted, twisted, smooshed jewelry? Got something that needs re-sizing? Got something with missing stones or missing clasps? Got something scuffed-up and scratched that just needs cleaned and re-blinged? Got something that you keep in a box instead of on your finger because that ultra-worn down prong could collapse at any moment and send your beautiful stone tumbling down the drain?  

Whether it is a ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings, or even eyeglasses... let us help. Appointments are great, but not required.

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Jewelry Repair Services

Here’s a Top 9 List of our most common repairs and services. But our in-house repair team can do almost anything, so if you don’t see your specific need listed, stop by for a free repair consultation, text us, or start a chat with the blue button below.

Here’s a quick list of some of our most common repairs and services:

  1. Restoration of normal wear & tear

    We call this our ReBling package, and it can include a good soak in our ultrasonic cleaner, polishing the metal back to being scratch free, tightening any loose stones, inspecting the prongs, and rhodium-plating (if applicable) to bring back the brilliant reflective shine, plus a bottle of special cleaning solution for you to take home. Starts at $70 and worth every penny. We ReBling yellow gold, white gold, and platinum, so for example, if you notice your white gold turning yellow, bring it in for a ReBling.

  2. Ring re-sizing

    Very common and super easy.

  3. Cutting rings off your finger

    Also common, and never fun. But we’ve done this a lot and are both very careful and respectful.

  4. Wedding set soldering

    Sometimes you want your engagement ring and your wedding band combined because you never wear them separately anyway. Attaching them together is called soldering (pronounced soddering), and we do that all the time. On the flip side, sometimes you already have your rings soldered together and you want them separated again. We do that too.

  5. Fix or replace anything broken or missing

    This general catch-all category captures almost everything you can think of. Regarding rings, we can reset stones, rebuild prongs and channels, and replace shanks and heads. And with other jewelry (like bracelets, chains, necklaces, earrings, or pins), we repair and replace clasps, earring posts, earring backs, pendant bails, and can adjust the length of anything.

  6. Repair of custom pieces

    The repair work is often the same as above, but when you have a special, custom-made piece, sometimes you wonder whether you can still bring that in for repair. The answer is yes! You can trust the talent and experience of our expert jewelers with your most meaningful custom piece.

  7. Eyeglass repair

    Most people don’t realize we do this. We do.

  8. Watch repair

    Learn more about Servicing Your Rolex.

    For all watch brands, in-house we are happy to help with battery replacement, exterior cleanings, and band adjustments. For internal watch repairs that are more in-depth we work with a local expert and remain a committed part of the process the entire way.

  9. FREE jewelry cleanings & inspections

    Yep, even if you didn’t buy your jewelry from us, you can come in at any point for a free jewelry cleaning and inspection. Some customers like to get their jewelry cleaned before a big event or special occasion so it’s as bright and shiny as possible. That’s great! Just stop by and we’ll clean it up for free! You’ll be in and out in 5 minutes. Other free services include metal testing and diamond testing.

Free Repair Consultation

Our Repair Team

Tami Bonos - Service Manager
Dan Wardrip - Goldsmith
Free Repair Consultation

Getting Your Jewelry
Repaired in 4 Steps

Here’s how the repair process works:

  1. Bring it in!

  2. Free Consultation with the Repair Shop

  3. Leave Your Jewelry With Us

  4. Come Get Your Revitalized Piece

  1. Bring in Your Broken Jewelry

    The first step is always to just bring it in! We understand you may want to know how much your jewelry repair could cost before going to the trouble of bringing it in, but it’s difficult to give price quotes without actually seeing it. As a compromise, you could start a chat or text us some photos of your broken jewelry and we may be able to provide a little more guidance upfront, but we’ll probably still ask you to bring it in. This piece means a lot to you, so let’s avoid shortcuts and give it the personal attention it deserves.

  2. Your Free Jewelry Repair Consultation

    The good thing about bringing your jewelry to Jack Lewis is that you don’t need an appointment, and your consultation is completely free. (Note: while appointments are not necessary, you’re always welcome to make one!) You’ll meet with either Tami or Moriki from our Repair Shop team, and they’ve seen pretty much every jewelry catastrophe under the sun. It’s doubtful your issue will surprise or stump us! (So bring it in!) After taking a close look at it, we’ll suggest what repair options you have, and offer a timeline for how quickly it can be completed. Additionally, we can usually provide an estimated price for you at this point, and if not, then we will get back to you with your quote within 2 business days.

    We can do nearly all repairs in-house, so your jewelry almost never leaves the store. (And if you do have a project that we don’t handle in-house, such as watch repair or pearl restringing, we send your piece to our trusted, skilled, third-party partners where you can plan on a 3-5 week turnaround.) Speaking of timelines, we can usually turnaround most other in-house jobs within 3-5 business days, which compared to other repair options, is amazingly quick!

  3. Leave Your Jewelry With Us

    After the consultation and the price quote, you should have a really good idea of what needs to be done, how much it will cost, and how long it will take. After that, you’ll need to muster up the courage to leave your jewelry with us. This is the hardest part. We’ve seen it countless times. You want it fixed, but you’re also reluctant to let it out of your sight because it means so much, and you can’t imagine what you’d do if something happened to it. This is where choosing a trusted jeweler like Jack Lewis matters. Above all, we prioritize what jewelry means, so in our shop, every piece we repair receives the utmost respect, honor, and care throughout the process. You’re getting it fixed because it’s important. We treat it that way.

  4. Come Get Your Revitalized Jewelry

    When the repair is finished, we’ll either call or text you…and then the real fun begins, because one of the best parts of our job is seeing your reaction to your newly restored jewelry. You won’t believe it. Our in-house jewelers Moriki and Dan are bench magicians capable of the most phenomenal jewelry transformations you’ve ever seen. Literally, the most common thing we hear is, “It looks brand new again, like the day I first got it!”

Go Behind the Scenes

We know parting with your meaningful jewelry during the repair process can be stressful, so take a peek behind the curtain and see the process for yourself. Hopefully it encourages and comforts you that your jewelry repair is in good hands.

See more "before & after" transformations on our Share the Repair page.

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At Jack Lewis, we know what it means to you.
Don’t give up on it just yet.

Bring your jewelry repair to us.
It can be fixed, and we can fix it.

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