The experts at Fire & Ice Diamonds are dedicated to creating beautiful, high-end natural diamonds that outshine all others. Every engagement ring and wedding band in their collection only uses natural diamonds that are SI near colorless. This means that the side stones and halo sparkle just as much as the center stone and you’re not compromising quality, no matter what angle you’re looking from. 

Unique to Fire & Ice, their diamonds are the result of years of research conducted by the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society. These exquisite, high-end diamonds are cut to precise angles to maximize the radiant light and sparkle emerging from the top of the gem. It’s the cut that makes all of the difference. That scientific skill and precision is where the magic happens. Bigger, brighter and whiter – even compared to other Excellent and Ideal cuts – every Fire & Ice Diamond reaches the highest standard for cut, proportions, symmetry and light return.

3 stone diamond engagement ring in white gold with all round ideal cut diamonds
3 stone diamond engagement ring in yellow gold with all round ideal cut diamonds
solitaire diamond engagement ring in yellow gold with a round ideal cut diamond
diamond engagement ring in white gold with a round ideal cut center stone diamond, surrounded by a halo of ideal cut diamonds and smaller ideal cut diamonds along each side of the band of the ring

We are proud to offer this magnificent line of jewelry that will surely draw attention. Their stunning collections feature natural diamond wedding rings, diamond stud earrings, diamond drop pendants, and other unforgettable jewelry pieces.

Learn more about diamonds, what really matters, and how to select the right diamond for you.

With diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, stud earrings, and drop pendants, come see the Fire & Ice collection in person at Jack Lewis Jewelers in Bloomington, Illinois and discover the jewelry that says your love… means everything.

white gold diamond ring with two ideal cut round diamonds that cross over one another, with diamonds along the entire bandwhite diamond pendant in the shape of three leaves that are open in the center of leaf, with diamonds along the edgeswhite diamond hoop earringswhite gold diamond stud earrings with ideal cut round diamonds at the center and a halo of ideal cut diamonds surrounding each
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