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CarterCast | Episode 14: Designer Engagement Rings w/Missy

September 25, 2023

Well, we’ve done it. After much cajoling, bribery, and lofty promises, we’ve finally convinced our first guest to join us on the show. And it’s none other than the Queen of Style herself, Jack Lewis Jewelers VP and co-owner, Missy Ranney…aka, LegitiMissy. We wanted to explore the world of designer engagement rings, and there’s no one better, probably in the whole country, to navigate us through the latest and hottest trends than Missy. Plus, we setup another camera so Missy could do a sparkly show-and-tell with the new Fana collection. Which means in addition to lots of riveting conversation and hilarious jokes, you’ll also get to see blingy rings up-close. One thing’s for sure: this show has never been smarter. Step into the high fashion world of designer engagement rings, on the pre-proposal show for dating couples designed to make engagement ring shopping easy, understandable, and fun. This is the CarterCast.

Sit back and watch the whole episode here, or jump over to our YouTube Channel and skip ahead to what you want by using the segment timestamps in the description.

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