Share the Repair Bent Wedding Ring

December 15, 2022

Before and After Jewelry Repair

Our client's wedding set has a lot of memories attached to it! So when it came to us bent out of shape with broken solder connections, we knew we had to get it fixed up and looking like it did when she said "I do."

We went to work rounding out both rings, and realigning them. Once the shape was good, we re-soldered under the top of the rings, and again at the bottom to make sure they were secure. Now they're beautiful, bright, and back-in-round!

What is Share the Repair?

Share the Repair is our popular (and often copied) social media series that lets you peek behind the glass and see the magic of the Repair Shop at Jack Lewis Jewelers.

Featuring before-and-after photos and occasional behind-the-scenes documentary videos, join service manager Tami Bonos and goldsmith Moriki Tomihara Smith as local Bloomington-Normal jewelry repair stories are told from to start to finish, from hopeless to victorious, from hesitation to hallelujah.

Share the Repair shows you the transformations, the results, helps you understand what to expect, and gives you confidence to bring your jewelry repair to Jack Lewis Jewelers. Scroll to see a variety of transformations, so you can see what's possible.We know what it means to you... don't give up on it just yet.

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