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Your time is valuable. Their time is valuable. Communicate that boldly with a luxury watch, designed to match lifestyle, personal style, and distinguishing tastes.

Jack Lewis Jewelers is proud to carry watchmakers who exemplify innovation, beauty, and attention to detail. And since Jack Lewis is an Official Rolex Jeweler, our watch collection is honored to be headlined by Rolex. Learn more about Servicing Your Rolex.

Whether you're looking for your first luxury timepiece, for a new model to add to your growing watch collection, or you want to give a timeless and perfect gift, look no further than the cases at Jack Lewis Jewelers in Bloomington, Illinois.

Make an appointment with our dedicated staff to help you find the watch brand and model you've been looking for. Browse the watchmakers below and their current collections, then come to the store and try them on for yourself. If you have questions about watch repair, please visit our repair page.

Watch Brands at Jack Lewis Jewelers

Jack Lewis Jewelers of Bloomington, Illinois is proud to be part of the worldwide network of Official Rolex Jewelers. Make an appointment to view our selection of men's and women's watches from Rolex, TUDOR, SEIKO, Oris, and Frederique Constant.

Men's Watches at Jack Lewis Jewelers

Being on time and giving someone your full attention is a sign of respect. Honor your commitments with a luxury watch that conveys their importance and reflects your style.

The adventures of your life might lend themselves to particular innovations in watch design. Performance while traveling, in the air, underwater, in low lighting, or on the course has led watchmakers to design watches that adapt quickly. Quickly toggle to a different time zone, measure depth while diving, monitor air pressure while flying, or enjoy easy visibility as the sun goes down.

All watches at Jack Lewis Jewelers are new and never used, with warranties to protect your investment. Choose to be a minimalist, a traditionalist, or bold and head-turning with a new men's watch from Jack Lewis Jewelers.

Women's Watches at Jack Lewis Jewelers

Traditionally watches designed for women had smaller faces and thinner bands, but you don't have to follow tradition (unless you want to). Get a larger face or a thicker band. Consider leather. Explore new models with vintage elements in rectangular shapes, with or without diamonds, and more.

Most watchmakers offer the ability to customize various elements of your watch from the color of the dial or face, to the addition of diamonds, and band thickness. Innovation in watch design means you can see more than the time: display today's date, follow the lunar cycles, or see how deep you are underwater when diving.

Make a Watch Appointment Today

Browse collections online and discover the styles you're most drawn to, then come to the store and see them in person. We will help you find the luxury watch for yourself or someone you care about.

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