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Carter Receives 2024 Robert M. Shipley Award

Posted On:
April 29, 2024

On April 16, at the annual Robert M. Shipley Award® Luncheon at the AGS Conclave in Austin, Texas, John Carter was awarded the Robert M. Shipley Award®, the most distinguished accolade from the American Gem Society (AGS).

“The Robert M. Shipley award is the highest honor one can receive in the jewelry industry, and it’s an extreme understatement to say I was in stunned disbelief when my name was called,” Carter wrote. “The ethical ideals and professional standards he set forth over 90 years ago marked a paradigm shift in gemological research, education, transparency, and trust which my colleagues and I are privileged to carry forward. Mr. Shipley’s impact is immeasurable, and the list of previous winners is like a yearbook comprised entirely of my jewelry heroes. None of us succeeds alone. We all walk arm-in-arm together while standing on the shoulders of giants, and any recognition I receive can be traced directly to the steadfast support of my wife, team, friends, and family. I’m humbled beyond belief, and as new chapters in my career unfold, I’ll reach for every opportunity to be an ambassador and advocate for the principles this award represents.”

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ladies night 2023
ladies night 2023
ladies night 2023
ladies night 2023
ladies night 2023

“John Carter is the most deserving recipient of the Robert M. Shipley Award. He’s been a true bridge builder, furthering the purpose and ideas of the American Gem Society," said Clayton Bromberg, CG, CEO of Underwood Jewelers in Jacksonville, Florida. Mr. Bromberg, a past Shipley recipient, presented this year’s award.

Mr. Carter’s dedication and contributions to the AGS have been so profound that his friends within the organization consider him the "Modern Day Mr. AGS," a title that pays homage to Al Woodill's legacy and aptly reflects Mr. Carter's influential role and unwavering commitment to the American Gem Society.

Robert M. Shipley, the founder of the American Gem Society and Gemological Institute of America, is the father of organized gemological research and education in the United States. His vision was to professionalize the jewelry industry through ethics, education, and credentials. AGS and GIA stand as a testament to his success 90 years later. An awards luncheon is held during the annual AGS Conclave event as a way to honor his legacy. Since the first award was given in 1968, The Shipley Award has grown to become the most revered recognition in the American Gem Society and the wider gemological industry, and Carter would again like to express his sincere gratitude for the recognition. It’s one of the highest honors of his career.

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