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Pic Ninja at Jack Lewis

You’ll never know we were there…until you see the pictures.

So maybe you want to capture this moment with pictures. You can’t take them yourself, obviously. You could have your friends and family do it, but they can’t keep a secret. And they’re amateurs with a camera. Plus, the instant your soon-to-be fiancé walks into the room and sees a bunch of familiar faces holding cameras, they’re gonna know something’s up. What you need is a secret helper. Someone unrecognizable, who’s good with a camera, who won’t get in the way and who won’t blow the surprise…

You need a Pic Ninja. And that’s where we come in.

What is Pic Ninja?

Here’s how it works: you tell us how, when & where you’re planning to propose, then together we’ll figure out the logistics for how our secret Pic Ninja can be there to shoot the big moment. We’ve done this in restaurants, parks, concerts...as long as it’s “public enough” that it wouldn’t raise suspicions for other people to be around, we can be those “other people” and stay completely undetected until it’s time to whip out the camera and start firing away.

And again, this service is completely free with your engagement ring purchase. Just tell us you’re interested in it, and we’ll start working on the scheduling and planning aspects with you. (Note: free offer applies to proposals within Bloomington-Normal, pending our availability.)

Why Pic Ninja?

  1. It’s free with your engagement ring purchase.

  2. The happiest moment of your lives will be preserved forever.

  3. You get custom-edited photos free of charge. Not only can you keep all the raw photos, but our in-house media team will also edit several of the pictures for you at no extra charge.

Here’s What It Looks Like

We’ve ninja’d all over Bloomington-Normal and the surrounding areas. Where will your spot be?

marriage proposal in the backyard of a home property during the wintermarriage proposal on the softball field at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, ILa marriage proposal outside of a building in Bloomington, IL

Skeptical & Hesitant?
Consider This…

When we tell couples about Pic Ninja, those who politely refuse usually tell us it’s because they don’t even know how they’re going to propose yet. That’s fine! You don’t need to have it all figured out on the day you buy the engagement ring. Just tell us you’re thinking about it, and then we’ll check back in with you once you decide on the basic “where and when” aspects.

Or...sometimes people won’t think our ninjas can really 1) stay hidden, and 2) take good pictures while being hidden. You won’t tell us this because you’re too nice, but deep down, you’re skeptical that we’ll be able to pull this off. Well, all the photos on this page are actual Pic Ninja photos of Jack Lewis clients. We think they’re pretty solid. And yes, we stayed hidden.

So give it a shot. It’s free. You’ve got nothing to lose. And trust us...30 years from now, this is something you’ll be glad you captured and preserved. It’s likely to be one of the greatest experiences of your life, and when you grow old together, you’ll always be able to travel back in time and smile as you re-live that magical moment.

Want to talk more about Pic Ninja?

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Pic Ninja not for you? Then remember our Engagement Photo Sessions.