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Frederique Constant
At Jack Lewis

Frederique Constant is a Swiss watchmaking manufacturer located in Geneva, Switzerland. The Maison was founded in 1988 by a couple of independent entrepreneurs, Aletta and Peter Stas, to offer quality Swiss watches at competitive prices, with the aim of democratizing luxury Swiss Made watches.

Frederique Constant creates, develops, assembles and controls a wide variety of mechanical, quartz and connected timepieces within its Manufacturer in Geneva. To this day, Frederique Constant has designed 30 Manufacture calibers, including high complications, such as the Tourbillon, Perpetual Calendar and Flyback Chronograph. In 2022, the brand introduced a breakthrough in the field of precision mechanical timekeeping, the Monolithic Manufacture, which features the world’s first silicon oscillator that allows the movement to tick ten times faster than traditional mechanical watches at 288,000 vibrations per hour.

Equal in innovation and style, Frederique Constant creates proven classic ladies styles targeting the North American consumers’ preferences with collections such as the Art Déco, Carrée, Slimline or Classic Quartz Ladies.

Frederique Constant watches are the epitome of accessible luxury. For anyone who appreciates and wants to enjoy high quality watches that are available and approachable, with the quality of Swiss made design and manufacturing, make an appointment and visit our current collection at Jack Lewis Jewelers. Find your timeless timepiece.

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