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Jack Lewis Exclusives

Ideas and innovations you’ll only find here.

Jewelry is more than just sparkly rocks and shiny metals. Likewise, Jack Lewis is more than just a jewelry store. From cutting edge media programs, to trendsetting events, to unique services, to exclusive jewelry, we’re expanding the playbook on what a local jewelry store can offer. Dive in.





What gives us the credibility to do these things? We never stop learning.

Jack Lewis Jewelers is committed to continuing education for our team by obtaining certifications from leading jewelry industry organizations known for the highest standards and putting customer education first. So while we have a lot of fun sharing jewelry facts and knowledge across digital media and events, we know it's important to get those facts right, and invest in our expertise so we can help you make the most informed jewelry purchase. Learn more about the most respected organizations in the industry:

American Gem Society (AGS)
Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO)
Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA)
Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC)