Wedding Bands at
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Your wedding bands are the little round symbols you’ll wear every day forever. So whereas only one of you gets an engagement ring, both of you need a wedding band. (During your wedding ceremony, the wedding bands are what the officiant wants when they ask for the “rings.”) These bands are what truly symbolize the power and commitment of your marriage. Let’s find yours.

Wedding Band Collections
at Jack Lewis Jewelers

At Jack Lewis, we feature 3 nationally renowned designer wedding band brands (Benchmark, QALO, and M-Fit), as well as wedding bands from our engagement ring designers Fana and Coast. Click the buttons below to explore their collections. You can also make an appointment to explore a custom designed ring with our team.

Logo for the retailer Benchmark which is simply their name in all capital letters
The QALO brand logo with is the word QALO in all capital letters in white on a black background
White text logo for Fana a brand of engagement rings. Fana is spelled with all capital letters.
Logo for Gabriel and Company spelled in all capital letters, in white, over a red circle background
Logo for the brand M Fit. It is a widened letter M that is capitalized and surrounded in a circle meant to simulate a wedding band. Next to it are the lower case letters f i t
diamond wedding band from Fana
diamond wedding band from Forevermark

When to Buy Your Wedding Bands

A question we get asked often is, “When should we buy our wedding bands?” The true answer, of course, is that it’s up to you. As long as you have them by your wedding ceremony, you’ll be fine. But since we prioritize what these rings mean and love seeing couples have a fun in-store experience (especially if you didn’t go engagement ring shopping together before the proposal), the standard Jack Lewis recommendation is to come back in and buy them together after you’ve been engaged for a few months. So for example, let’s say you propose and get engaged in June, and plan on having your wedding the following July. You might make it a fun Christmastime experience to come get your wedding bands together in December, around the halfway point.  

Who Pays for the Wedding Bands?

It’s probably common knowledge that the proposer pays for the engagement ring, but…who pays for the wedding bands? Does the proposer pay for both of those too? Or just one? Traditionally, the man pays for the woman’s wedding band, and the woman pays for the man’s wedding band. So if you’re a traditional sort of couple, that’s your answer! However, we’ve seen it done every possible way: the man pays for both, the woman pays for both, or you split them. It’s current year and new traditions are being created every day, so it’s really up to you!

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