Jack Lewis Sizzle

What is Sizzle?

Jack Lewis Sizzle is a collection of natural, loose round diamonds that have received a cut grade between 1-3 from the American Gem Society Laboratories. The AGS cut grading scale goes from 0-10 (with zero being the best), which puts Sizzles just shy of perfection.

At any given time, the 20-25 diamonds in the Sizzle display case will be uniquely diverse in color, clarity and carat weight, but the 1-3 cut grade is what they will always all have in common. That’s what it means to be a Jack Lewis Sizzle.

CEO John Carter holding a diamond between a set of tweezers with the store in the background
round diamond being held by a pair of tweezers

Why Sizzle?

The diamond industry has long known that, of the traditional 4C’s, the Cut grade is the most important factor in describing a diamond’s beauty. Since Jack Lewis Sizzles offer AGS Cut grades between 1-3, you’d choose Sizzle if you still want to prioritize Cut, but don’t necessarily need it to be the AGS-Zero “ideal cut” found in a Jack Lewis Flame

Shifting over from a Flame to a Sizzle doesn’t always mean “saving money,” since other factors like carat weight and clarity play significant roles. However, many times, you will find that a Sizzle makes a worthy Flame alternative. Because while there absolutely is a difference in light performance between a 0-grade Flame and a 1, 2, or 3-grade Sizzle, you may decide it’s not that much of a naked-eye difference, making you perfectly happy to choose a Sizzle. This is why we strongly encourage you to look at diamonds in person, so you can decide for yourself after seeing it up close! Again, at Jack Lewis, we champion love and are most interested in what this diamond means to you. Jack Lewis Flames are the best, but Jack Lewis Sizzles are also incredible. 

CEO John Carter looking straight at the camera and holding a diamond between a pair of tweezers
round diamond being held by a pair of tweezers
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