with John Carter

CarterCast is the pre-proposal show for dating couples designed to make diamond engagement ring shopping easy, understandable and fun. Join CGA, GG, past president of the AGS, and Jack Lewis Jewelers CEO John Carter on this journey into rings, relationships, and heartfelt reminders of what this all means. You can get the 4C’s anywhere, but only here do you get the 5th C... called Carter.

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Are Diamonds Just Marketing Hype

Float around the Internet for 5 minutes, and you’ll be bashed with snarky posts, sarcastic memes, and cynical threads about diamonds. Those criticisms usually come from 2 directions: either criticizing the ethics and sustainability of diamond mining, or criticizing the value and intrinsic worth of diamonds. We’ll save the first criticism for a future episode, but today we tackle the second criticism head-on: that diamonds are worthless. It’s all a scam. They have no real value. It’s all just marketing hype. Everybody knows this because "reasons from the Internet". How can you still be spending thousands of dollars on a diamond in current year? But…is any of that really true? Carter and Josh have a blunt and sometimes surprising conversation about the value of diamonds and whether the whole thing is just manufactured smoke and mirrors. If you’re on the fence about diamonds, this episode is for you.

Should you buy a diamond online?

Tempted to buy a diamond online? We get it. After all, isn’t it cheaper, with a bigger selection, where you can go at your own pace without being pressured and intimidated by an icky salesperson who wants to exploit your ignorance and swindle you into a bad decision? That’s the narrative. But is any of that really true? Actually, some of it, yes. But some of it, no. Come on inside as we do our best to help you make sense of whether you should buy a diamond online.

The Key to Buying a Diamond with Confidence

Do you like documentation? Are you militant about millimeters? Do you prefer paperwork that displays metrics out to the thousandth decimal? Then you’ll love this episode on Grading Reports, because nothing says I love you like math. Truth is though, when it comes to diamonds, you deserve to have confidence in exactly what you’re buying. Check out this surprisingly entertaining conversation on diamond grading reports, what they are, and why you should care.

Top 3 Gems to Choose if You Don’t Want a Diamond

After discussing which gemstones to avoid as the center stone in your engagement ring if you don’t want a diamond, we shift into positive gear and spread the good news about which gemstones you should choose. As with the ones to avoid, most of it centers around hardness and toughness factors, but we also tell jokes and come up with the greatest jewelry pickup line of all time. It’s our rundown of the Top 3 gemstones to choose if you don’t want a diamond, on the pre-proposal show for dating couples designed to make engagement ring shopping easy, understandable, and fun.