Temporary Showroom Policies & Procedures

Effective August 1, 2020

Our Intent

At Jack Lewis Jewelers, everything we do revolves around connecting you with a meaningful piece of jewelry. More than simply transactions, we’re in the business of emotions, happiness, and memories. As that relates to the shopping experience, your comfort is a priority, as it’s difficult to find a truly meaningful symbol in an environment where you feel pushed, pressured, unsafe, or distracted. Maintaining an emphasis on enjoyable experiences has become challenging in this climate, but we’ve developed the following temporary policies and procedures with an aim toward creating a diversity of comfortable options while including as many clients as possible.

Our Showroom

Fortunately, the open design of our showroom already maximized space, making social distancing easy to achieve even before this pandemic. Still, we’ve taken additional measures. We have installed large, clear plexiglass screens in select areas which will serve as our 'showing areas.' The screens are suspended from the ceiling and allow room for jewelry to be exchanged by hand back-and-forth (for trying on) while still keeping a protective barrier between faces. Additionally, hand sanitizer will be available upon request, social distancing guidelines will be encouraged, and you can expect surfaces to be cleaned regularly.

Our Staff

As a staff, to every extent possible, will be practicing proper social distancing, wearing facial coverings whenever directly interacting with clients, and thoroughly sanitizing, once a client leaves, any jewelry that client was shown or tried-on during their visit.

Our Customers

As far as what's expected of you inside our showroom, you are encouraged to observe the current CDC and State of Illinois guidelines regarding social distancing and facial coverings. However, we understand there are certain medical and other circumstances which prevent facial coverings from being a wise or healthy choice for everyone, and so in our effort to remain accessible to as many customers as possible, facial coverings, while recommended, will not be required for entry or service. All are welcome inside. Additionally, for customers who may still not be comfortable entering our showroom, our curbside service will remain open (with a dedicated parking space), as will our new online store at jacklewisjewelers.com (accessible by tapping the brown box at the top of any page).

We believe this diversity of options respects safety, comfort, and liberty in ways that allow us to connect the maximum number of customers with a meaningful piece of jewelry. Thank you for your support. It means the world.